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This section of the website is dedicated to the community of Barford and depicts how they are living through Covid-19.

Children around the world are posting handmade rainbow artwork in the windows of their homes to spread hope and cheer during the dark days of the coronavirus pandemic. 


Home Schooling


On the 23rd March 2020 schools closed the doors to students to minimise the spread of the Corona Virus. At Barford teachers provided homework packs and online resources to help parents home educate.


Governors Diary Entry.

Activities during the Easter Holidays 2020


Easter 2020 was not the Easter that we had anticipated for any of us due to Coronavirus and the subsequent lockdown.

However, there was so much to celebrate: virtually every day the sun shone, flowers blossomed both in the gardens and the hedgerows, butterflies abounded and birdsong filled the air. My husband Harry, downloaded an app on his phone and our permitted daily walk took on extra interest as we photographed and identified a myriad of wild flowers .

Other new skills and interests developed – not least the necessity to grapple with the wonders of technology: virtual “meetings” have become the norm, using platforms such as Zoom for linking up with friends and family, and Microsoft Teams for business meetings. As a Governor of Barford School, I have been involved with the interview process that was initiated prior to the lockdown (lots of new words to go into the Oxford English Dictionary: Lockdown, Social Distancing , Self -isolating!). We look forward to our Zoom sessions with our four young grandchildren who are aged between 1 and 3years – though Adam, the eldest will be 4 years old tomorrow so we have come up with what we hope will be creative fun ideas plus the usual reading of stories and singing nursery rhymes. My friend made a virtual cake for my birthday (best sort – calorie free!), which was on Easter Saturday, so I came up with the idea of a chocolate brownie train cake for Adam – hope he likes it! (It’s really malt bread and the candles ate left of over from his sister’s birthday in March but as it is only on screen, he will not know the difference!). (See attached)

Although there have been, and are, so many challenges at this time, there have also been lots of acts of kindness – we are all trying to help our friends, family and neighbours as much as possible. The staff at Barford St Peter’s have been amazing, supporting the children and families in so many ways, particularly through the website which has a vast variety of online resources. We villagers have searched our linen cupboards for those people making Warwickshire Scrubs. 

Every Thursday, the clapping for carers gets louder, with saucepan lids and even trumpets adding to the cacophony. This national demonstration of appreciation for the frontline and key workers raises morale and prompts the feeling that we are all in this together – social distancing is paramount so that we can once again return to “normal”, whatever that might be!


Alison Gadsden (Governor of Barford St Peter’s School) April 2020


Otto making and eating bread and more phots .... Click his picture to see more



Annabelle would like to share some photos of her Blindfolded Easter Egg Hunt,

with her Grandparents directing her via WhatsApp video calling. Then Annabelle directed them blindfolded to find their hot cross buns! 




The Jennings boys are all working together to do their schoolwork.

They have also been cooking, planting flowers and enjoying crafts such as painting stones. Well done boys and mum! 



On Sunday the 5th March at 8:00pm, the Queen delivered a speech to the nation. The Queen’s special televised address to the nation amid the coronavirus pandemic was only the fifth of her 68-year-reign.

Kayla was very keen to hear what she had to say.





John Jacobs preparing and planting a vegetable bed in his garden over the holiday.


And Olivia has been illustrating a story her Grandfather has written for her.




Sybil wanted to show you some of the things she's been doing ☺️


Looking after puppies

Walking the dogs