Barford St Peter's C.E.(V.A) Primary School
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24th Sep 2020



Every week the Senior Leadership Team reviews the Covid systems we have in place to see whether they can begin to be relaxed. This week the children have been able to use lunch boxes again. Disposable lunch bags are still very welcome as they tend to be easier to store and it reduces the amount of items being transferred from home to school. We are working very hard to keep school a safe place so we can remain open. Already 339 schools across England and Wales have closed or partially closed and we want to avoid this. Every decision we make is taking longer than usual as we need to ensure it is the correct way to move forward. This week we are looking at school dinners, as we are conscious that the weather will be getting cooler. I have spoken to ’Educaterers’ and they are going to introduce fish and chips in a bag every Friday starting on Friday 25th September. I am also in negotiations to start hot dinners in the hall when the time is right

Fish n Chips